Vision Zero Committee

The Commission approved Resolution 4B-20-1006 Establishing Vision Zero Committee on October 26, 2020. It consists of 7 members and is co-chaired by Commissioner Evan Yeats and Commissioner Alison Brooks. The Resolution establishing the Committee defines the Committee’s mandate to include (1) considering and recommending strategies for increasing community safety in accordance with Vision Zero goals within the Commission area; (2) analyzing and providing feedback on relevant proposed plans and projects, as well as legislation and agency decisions that impact community safety in line with these goals; (3) working with neighborhood groups representing vulnerable road users to receive feedback on Commission efforts toward Vision Zero goals.

You can view the Committee’s Agendas here.

The Committee Members include the following individuals:

Tony Giancola is has a BSCE from Syracuse University and MS degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation and Environmental Systems) and a Master of Public Works Engineering and Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. After a twenty-year active duty career in the Civil Engineer Corps, U. S. Navy, he served as a District of Columbia appointed representative on the Citizens Advisory Committee, Transportation Planning Board, Washington Council of Governments (2018 -2020). He currently serves as a Mayoral appointee on the DC Water Board.

Jeff Speir is an attorney for the Federal Government who works on environmental issues. He has advocated for pedestrian and cyclist safety in Wards 4 and 6. Personally affected by a car crash as a pedestrian–and vehicular traffic’s impact on public health, more broadly–he is eager to work on strategies to increase traveler safety, critically analyze proposals, and implement solutions for the ANC 4B community.

Amber Trout

David Eubanks

Charon P.W. Hines

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