Annual Reports

All Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, including ANC 4B, have statutory reporting obligations, including the obligation to produce an annual report. See DC Code § 1-309.10(j)(1) (providing that each Commission may file an annual report with the Council and the Mayor for the preceding fiscal year), (n-1) (providing that each Commission shall publish an annual report summarizing its activities over the preceding 12 months).

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B’s Annual Reports provide (1) a summary of the Commission’s activities, including details regarding the Commission’s regular public meetings and the activities of individual Commissioners within their Single Member Districts; (2) information regarding key issues faced by the Commission and actions recommended by the Commission via resolution, other official Commission action, or individual Commissioner action; (3) details on the Commission’s operational status, including progress with regard to committees and structural improvements implemented by the Commission; and (4) updates regarding the Commission’s financial status.

We publish our annual reports both on our website and on the Mayor’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission Resolution Portal.

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

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