The Commission’s Rules of Procedure, amended January 27, 2020, allow the Commission to establish Committee’s to assist the Commission in considering a specific issue or issues relevant to the Commission. See Rules of Procedure § V(A) (“Such a Committee can provide additional expertise, as well as an additional opportunity for public engagement.”). The Rules of Procedure provide that the Commission shall define the scope, including the mission and duties, and the composition of any Committee by a resolution adopted by a majority vote of the Commission at a regular public meeting.

Acting under those rules, the Commission has established the following Committees:

  • Housing Justice Committee – Established by Resolution 4B-20-0205 on February 24, 2020. It consists of 5 members and is chaired by Commissioner Erin Palmer. The Committee’s work shall include (1) considering proposed developments within the Commission’s boundaries for purposes of determining how best to maximize affordable housing, including deeply affordable housing; (2) analyzing and providing feedback on proposed legislation and policy affecting affordable housing and homelessness with a goal of increasing and expanding deeply affordable housing; and (3) hosting and supporting educational events on topics related to affordable housing and homelessness.
  • Vision Zero Committee – Established by Resolution 4B-20-1006 on October 26, 2020. It consists of 7 members and is co-chaired by Commissioner Evan Yeats and Commissioner Alison Brooks. The Committee’s work shall include (1) considering and recommending strategies for increasing community safety in accordance with Vision Zero goals within the Commission area; (2) analyzing and providing feedback on relevant proposed plans and projects, as well as legislation and agency decisions that impact community safety in line with these goals; (3) working with neighborhood groups representing vulnerable road users to receive feedback on Commission efforts toward Vision Zero goals.

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