Community Safety & Support Committee

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B approved Resolution 4B-21-0304 Establishing the Community Safety and Support Committee on March 22, 2021, and reauthorized the Committee at its January 24, 2022 meeting. It consists of 7 members and is chaired by Commissioner Tiffani Nichole Johnson (4B06). The Resolution establishing the Committee defines the Committee’s mandate to include (1) recommending proposed community safety measures within the Commission’s boundaries; (2) analyzing and providing feedback, including letters and testimony on proposed legislation and policy affecting community safety; (3) hosting and supporting educational events on topics related community safety

You can view the Community Safety and Support Committee’s Agendas here.

The Committee Members include the following individuals:

  • Megan Fitzgerald as focused her field of research as an Assistant Professor of Human Development, Division of Social, and Behavioral Sciences at the University of the District of Columbia. She feels that community safety is an important neighborhood and citywide issue.
  • Akhi Johnson has dedicated his career to public safety, currently working at the Vera Institute for Justice since January 2019, where he helps elected prosecutors better pursue safety by decreasing their reliance on incarceration, reducing disparities, and increasing their accountability to communities. Prior to that, he served 5 years as an Assistant United States Attorney in Washington, DC handling local and federal crimes. He has tried more than 40 cases, focusing on sex and domestic violence involving children and adults. He also teaches a criminal law and mock trial class for individuals detained at DC Jail in partnership with the Georgetown University Law Center Street Law Clinic.
  • Alison Horn has worked since 2010 in the community safety field in DC, first as an investigator at the Public Defender Service, working on parole matters and adult felony cases in DC Superior Court, and more recently with the Federal Public Defender for DC. She has also worked and volunteered with Free Minds Book Club, staffing their violence reduction and reentry programs, tracking relevant legislation, and participating in the DC Reentry Task Force. Working directly with returning citizens and clients involved in the criminal legal system has given her a unique perspective on how the government can better support DC residents to prevent crime and support returning citizens.
  • Tiffany Tate has planted her roots in Washington DC and is motivated to do all she can to make the neighborhood a safer and more positive environment to live in. She has experience in economic development, DEI program management, is a certified project management professional, and is highly organized. She is a member of the DC Rotary International Club and volunteers at the DC Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ali Goldstone has lived in ANC 4B since 2018 (but has called DC home for over a decade). She is extremely concerned by the recent uptick in gun violence in the immediate area and is highly motivated to engage with neighbors to try to get things moving in a safer direction. Professionally, Ali holds a Master of Public Health and works in the field of human health risk assessment.

Past Committee Members:

  • Michael Cohen (2021-2022).
  • June Daugherty (2021-2022)
  • William Combes (2021-2022)
  • Chioma Oruh (2022)
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